Physical Therapy:

Developmental Delay
Any significant lag in a child's physical, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, or social development, in comparison with norms.

Muscle Weakness
A lack of muscle strength.
An abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position.

The spinal axis has a three-dimensional deviation.
Walking Abnormalities
Unusual and uncontrollable walking patterns. They are usually due to diseases or injuries to the legs, feet, brain, spinal cord, or inner ear.

Below you will find the links to the Speech and Language Development Checklist online form and PDF form.
It is a simple checklist to evaluate your child's current speech proficiency level.
For sending information using the online form, complete the form online and click "submit".
If you prefer, you may print and FAX the PDF form located below to Preferred Therapy Services at 1-877-267-4771 or scan it and email it to

Development Checklist Form