What we offer:

Expert Therapists
All Preferred therapists are licensed and certified and follow rigorous training and continuing education standards. Our therapists are qualified to work with patients ranging in age from 0-20 years old.
Compassionate Care
Our patients are very special and require a higher level of care and sensitivity. Our therapists go out of their way to address patients' needs and to provide the utmost in compassionate care. At Preferred Therapy, our motto is "Patients first."
In-Home Service
Our therapists provide speech therapy services in your home or at your child's learning facility so you do not have to bring them to a clinic or medical office. They are thus able to learn in a familiar environment.
Technical Expertise
Our therapists can treat even the most severe and profound patients, and can provide high-level medical services such as VitalStim and Flexible Endoscopy.

Our Goals:



A combination of standardized and comprehensive speech, language and swallowing testing to determine individual needs.


Treatment Plan

A report containing short-term and long-term goals reflecting needs determined in the evaluation.



Skilled services implemented by licensed professionals using plans to meet goals and plan home programs.